Intensive IELTS Speaking Fluency Course (with Ben)

Fluency and Confidence Classes

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Online tuition with Ben online via Skype.

What is the new Intensive IELTS Fluency Training Course?


-7 hours of intense speaking practice (powerful private tutoring).

Intensive classes:

One-on-one speaking classes I will push you to your limit.

WARNING: These are not normal speaking classes.

Boost your confidence, respond quicker, more naturally, understand the examiner and give the right answer at the right time.

Push your IELTS score to the next level.

Your progress is tracked each lesson, and feedback given to speed up your improvement.

What do you get?

  • 7 intensive 60 minute private one-on-one speaking classes ALL focused on IELTS Speaking.
  • An intensive program for fast improvement in speech pattern recognition.
  • Speaking agility that will surprise yourself.
  • New levels of speaking confidence.
  • Understand the IELTS examiner quicker.
  • Fast automatic responses.


When can I take the classes?

You have 30 days to use your speaking classes.

You can book the classes online when you want between 8am-9pm CET most days.

You can do 1 class a week over 5 weeks, or all at once over 5 days (recommended).

You need a reliable and good internet connection.

Your Instructor

  • Feedback and improvement are the core of our IELTS coaching.
  • Every three months we update the online course with the latest IELTS questions.
  • We've been teaching IELTS online for over 6 years, and have plenty of success.
  • Both our IELTS tutors have been training and preparing students for over 20 years.
  • We only prepare students for IELTS, no other test.
  • We are the only IELTS preparation course online offering a guarantee you will improve in your IELTS training.
  • Our online training courses are unique and demanding. You will improve!

Successful students regularly join us on an online interview and are featured on the podcast to inspire others.

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